Body Concert, Lone Wolf Tribe (NY)
Adult audiences
50 minutes
Saturday 8pm + Sunday 2pm, Sept. 17 + 18, New Engand Youth Theater

Oversized body limbs stripped of their skin become a hauntingly romantic moving sculpture of muscles, tendons and bone. Achingly animated in an extremely rigorous choreography, Lone Wolf Tribes’s Kevin Augustine performs solo, bringing his puppets to unusual life with his hands, feel and outstretched legs.

At 50 minutes, a series of dream-like vignettes elevates our shared human journey, highlighting our vulnerability and resiliency as the boundaries of puppetry itself are expanded. Performed without a text and accented with heartbreaking hints of nature, Body Concert poetically resonates: we are alive with life all around us.


Lone Wolf Tribe (LWT) is a multi-disciplinary performance company based in Brooklyn, NY helmed by founding artistic director, Kevin Augustine. Harnessing low-tech sophistication with Augustine’s lone-wolf style as writer/director, performer and sculptor, LWT’s signature feature is its foam-carved tribe of life-sized puppets.

Blending meticulous craft, physical rigor and decidedly dark humor, LWT’s mission is to investigate, challenge and spellbind with fearless original stories that speak compassionately to our collective human experience.

“A haunting bit of strangeness; it’s an experience that YOU SHOULD SEE TO TRULY UNDERSTAND. The puppets are ingeniously designed and meticulously crafted with a score that helps bring it all to life. Augustine is truly an artist who makes magic happen on stage.” —The Artswire Weekly

Performed and Created by Kevin Augustine

Musical Composition: Mark Bruckner

Masks and mold making: Gloria Sun

Lighting Design: Ayumu “Poe” Saegusa

Technical wizard and Set Design: Ilya Vett