Access Through the Arts Panels: Just Around the Bend

Join our international guest artists and local community leaders for three exciting panels that discuss the festival’s themes from the perspective of literature, local traditions and history, and social change. The Access Through the Arts forums are a meeting place between our guest artists, local leaders, and you, the audience.

The three panels will take place on three different days and are free to attend.

All conversations will be live streamed through Howlround.

Objects, Writing and Memory

At BMAC Sunday Sept. 8th, 4pm

How do we retain memory in relation to a technologically developing society? This panel will pair two festival artists with local fiction writer, GennaRose Nethercott, to discuss how objects are containers of story and history.

Rocks, Trees, and Water

At BMAC Saturday Sept. 14th, 12:30pm

How do humans relate with the history contained within the natural world? This panel will pair two festival artists with a representative from Brattleboro’s Confluence Project about the stories of our waterways to discuss our relationship with, responsibility to, and curiosity for the natural world.

Illuminating Converging Pathways

At BMAC Sunday Sept. 15th, 12:30pm

Addressing issues of Gender and Leadership and the relationship between Arts and Activism. This panel will engage local female legislators and filmmakers with festival artists to offer thoughts about what may be just around the bend.