Puppetry Exhibit

At Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

In From Home/To Home, Sandglass Theater presents an exhibit of puppets and some scenic pieces from two productions. All Weather Ballads (2010) features characters that grew up in Vermont and contains five scenes of ice fishing, a muddy road, apple ladders, Vermont rooftops, and a woodpile. Babylon: Journeys of Refugees (2016) features characters fleeing war and violence in Afghanistan, Syria, Burundi, El Salvador, and a ghost from an unnamed European war. Each of these scenes and characters is contextualized with a song composed for the production. The songs can be listened to as a viewer visits the exhibit.


All Weather Ballads
Puppets by Ines Zeller Bass and Matt Brooks
Songs by Eric Bass (words) and Keith Murphy (music)

Babylon: Journeys of Refugees
Puppets by Ines Zeller Bass
Songs by Eric Bass (words) and Brendan Taaffe (music)