Road of Useless Splendor

Deborah Hunt/Maskhunt Motions (Puerto Rico/ New Zealand)

Friday + Saturday, Sept. 13 + 14, 7:30pm, Next Stage Arts Project

Recommended for ages 12 and up

50 minutes

The Travelers are cloth-masked clowns, mad alchemists from another time. Their knitted meandering road leads them to the Book whose pages spring to life and are populated by strange characters, artifacts, and objects. They chase and are pursued through different landscapes and times, punctuated by the battle of a red crow and a swarm of rats.

Road of Useless Splendor uses pop-ups, cloth masks and rod and string puppets to tell its absurd and tender tale.

About the Company

Mask maker, mask and object theater performance artist since 1973. Creator of miniatures and giants. Pedagogue of puppetry and mask performance. Born in New Zealand, residing in Puerto Rico since 1990. Founder of Maskhunt Motions, a nomadic, unregistered laboratory for experimental object theater work. Theater of the useless.

Guie Beeu Guerrero Hunt has been performing with Deborah Hunt intermittently since she was 9 years old. She is a painter, mask performer, puppeteer, and laboratory technician.


Travelers: Deborah Hunt and Guie Beeu Guerrero Hunt
Masks, puppets, popups and other animated objects: Hunt and Guerrero
A collective creation, direction: Deborah Hunt
Thank you: Centro de Economía Creativa and The Mellon Foundation, Beta Local and the Andy Warhol Foundation