The Doubtful Sprout

By A Couple of Puppets (Long Island, NY)

Saturday, September 14, 11am and 2pm

35 minutes

Ages 3 and up

hand, finger and rod puppets, marionettes, motorized puppets, animated segment

Get ready to explore the world under your feet in this underground puppet adventure. Tunnel down with Worm and Sprout as they discover the mysterious life found inside soil. Along the way, kids help figure out the secrets that help Sprout grow. Award-winning puppeteer, Liz Joyce, brings this ecological wonderland to life with multiple puppetry styles, projections and song.


The Doubtful Sprout is a magical and educational show that mesmerizes children and teaches them about ecology and life cycles through art and song. Liz’s performance is enchanting and engages children to the very end. As a puppeteer Liz knows how to include her audience while effortlessly working her craft. The quality of her set-up and puppets, in which the influence of classic Henson artistry may be seen, is top-notch. Children joyfully participate throughout the show and are even delighted after the show when Liz buzzes through the audience to meet them. Developmentally and educationally appropriate for a wide age range, the entire family will enjoy the show!
—Danielle Carey, Head of Children’s Services, Hampton Bays Public Librar

About the Company

A Couple of Puppets is a one-woman touring puppet company created in 1990 by Liz Joyce. Liz is an award-winning puppeteer and arts educator who writes, creates and performs a growing repertoire of works for young audiences and their adults. Subjects include her twists on traditional fairy tales, folktales, educational shows and original creations. Liz believes that puppetry is the gateway to a lifelong love of theater. She is the founder and director of Goat on a Boat Puppet Theatre and is currently serving as the President of Puppeteers of America.


Written, designed and created by Liz Joyce
Directed by Joshua Holden
Music by Morgan Taylor
The Doubtful Sprout theme song was written by Liz Joyce

Special thanks to Alex Khludov for engineering assistance

Funded in part by the Jim Henson Foundation