The 10th Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival: Opening Our Doors, September 18-23, 2018

Every couple of years the small town of Brattleboro, Vermont becomes synonymous with puppetry for much of the national puppet theater community and local audiences alike. The Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival presented biennially by Sandglass Theater is Southern Vermont’s premier puppetry attraction, drawing an audience that spans across New England, to Quebec, New York City, and beyond.

This Fall, Sandglass will present their 10th edition of the Puppets in the Green Mountains Festival. Scheduled for September 18 – 23, 2018, this year’s festival, titled Opening Our Doors, builds on themes introduced in the 2015 festival: Walking to the Borders.  The festival will feature an incredible array of companies whose performances foster a spirit of inclusivity and are designed for both children and adults. Visiting companies will be coming from Wales, Taiwan, Canada and all over the United States.

Working with a diverse group of local partners and community leaders, Sandglass Theater   presents expanded programming, taking theater goers beyond the live performances and deeper into the engagement with the arts and issues. With accompanying workshops, community dialogues, a keynote speaker, puppet slams and an array of other exciting events, this festival aims to foster dialogue and invite the audience into an immersive exploration of this year’s themes. This will be a festival for everyone, and there is a point of entry from many fields of interest. There is balanced programming for both family and adult audiences, virtuosity for the theatrical enthusiast, dialogue and engagement for the social activist.

Sandglass Theater is excited to announce our first partnership with the Puppeteers of America Regional Festival, bringing professional puppeteers, students, and puppetry enthusiasts to our community to attend shows, run and participate in workshops, join community discussions, and celebrate the unique art of puppetry.

Puppets in the Green Mountains brings stories that can speak to everyone’s experiences and a world of infinite creative possibility. By integrating the festival performances with community-based discussions, Sandglass Theater underscores the relevance and importance of art in addressing and inspiring engagement with national and international issues here in our community.