Things Easily Forgotten

Xavier Bobés (Spain)

Tuesday Sept. 10 4pm + 7:30pm
Wednesday Sept. 11 4pm + 7:30pm
Thursday Sept. 12 12:30pm + 4pm
Friday Sept. 13 12:30pm + 4pm
Saturday Sept. 14 4pm
Sunday Sept. 15 4pm

Recommended for adult audiences

A show for just 5 people

75 Minutes

All performances at Sandglass Theater

A show for just 5 people about the history of Spain in the second half of the twentieth century. Around a small table, in an intimate, salon setting, a powerful sequence of close-up sensory experiences invokes old memories and invents new ones. Through this miscellany of sights and sounds, objects and photos, a fascinating story unfolds in a powerful sequence exploring memory and identity. Like a magician, or medium at a séance, Xavier Bobés manipulates both past and future.

Testimonials / Awards

Barcelona press review award 2015 to the best theater show in new tendencies

Barcelona audience award 2016 to the best show in other disciplines

Best show of the festival award in Befestival 2016, Birmingham

“Few artists have the ability to conjure visual imagery in such a rich and powerful way as Xavi Bobés. His unique aesthetic universe often provokes genuine astonishment. It’s surprising how the delicate world created is so dark and disturbing and yet so luminous. “Things easily forgotten” is an amazing and brilliant show, it penetrates the strange worlds of memory, imagination and childhood. A personal trip through history revealing the possibilities of regaining past lives or inventing new ones, re-awakening important mental gaps. It is a very special and unusual show, there is only room for five people in each session, creating a very intimate theater experience.
-Joaquim Armengol. Proscenium & Recomana magazine, 04/07/2015

It is difficult to define this type of show. Not only because to talk about it is to reveal what’s at the heart of it, but also because it can’t be easily labeled. It could be defined as a kind of dinner table theater, an intimate family gathering, where the family joins around the fireplace to warm themselves. It’s like a journey through time, as this type of gathering belongs to another era. The show is more like a “rite of passage”, in which the officiating Xavi Bobés occupies the role of medium. A different kind of medium, however, because instead of invoking spirits he invokes Time, becoming a magician but not one who manipulates cards or coins, but Years, going back and forth with ease. Marked by history, which is the iron corset of time , a corset made of black and white images , set by a million clicking cameras. Images frozen stuffed full of memories that open gaps of the past.
-Toni Rumbau.Putxinelli magazine 03/07/2015

About the Company

Xavier Bobés is a scenic creator who defines himself as self-taught. Passionate about the poetics of objects, he has been researching all types of everyday objects for more than seventeen years. He collaborates with other creators advising research and object writing processes. He delves into the search for the symbolic and theatrical content of objects and everything seemingly banal. And he does this through creation, rehearsal and teaching.

Master Class with Xavier Bobés


Created by Xavier Bobés
Performed by Francesco Sinopoli
Scenography: Pep Aymerich
Costume: Antonio Rodríguez
Co-production: Xavier Bobés, Festival TNT 2015 – Terrassa Noves Tendències, in co-operation with L’Animal a l’Esquena.