Bois (Woods)

Puzzle Theater (Canada)

Sunday, Sept. 15, 11am + 2pm, Hilltop Montessori School

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

A non-verbal object theater

40 minutes

A green leaf that grows on a dead branch, pieces of wood that come together to form strange creatures, some hostile, some comical… A curious world that surprises, amazes, and inspires. A world that also makes you think and wonder.

Testimonials / Awards

BOIS (Woods) by Puzzle Théâtre is a jewel of virtuosity. A remarkable work of manipulation. Already the dead tree in the middle of the stage with a single green leaf at its top evokes the second act of Samuel Beckett’s EN ATTENDANT GODOT. This gives a symbolic depth to this show of a rare formalist strength. The puppeteers Csaba Raduly and Pavla Mano have a lot of fun bringing to life all these pieces of wood they have collected on the beaches and in the forests. Their artistic vision reminds me of Turak Théâtre, the famous company from Lyon. In this pile of branches spread on the stage there are eyes. Eyes everywhere. Because everywhere, everything sees. As soon as the eyes are there, a character emerges. So everything can be a character. In the theater of objects there is something of the child who can take any piece of wood to make a character and thus give birth to the theater.

-Louis-Dominique Lavigne, Artistic codirecteur of Théâtre de Quartier

About the Company

Founded in 1996 in Bulgaria and established in Montreal since 2004, Théâtre Puzzle (Puzzle Theater) has a unique style of combining traditional and contemporary theatrical and puppetry styles. Théâtre Puzzle believes in leaving the audience freedom to interpret the unmentioned and to freely associate ideas. After finishing his studies in Drama at the University Babes-Bolyai in Kolozsvár, Csaba Raduly worked for the Hungarian repertoire theater in Székelyudvarhely where he played many leading roles. In 2006, he settled in Montreal where he joined the Puzzle Theatre. Pavla Mano has a Masters in Staging for the puppet theater from Sofia National Theatre and Cinema School. Pavla is a director, educator and puppet and set designer, as well as a puppeteer.


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